Here are the current initiatives for PVST #29. Take a look at each and donate where you can. You can also pay your Dues in this way!



November 2018 Teacher Cookouts!

Each year PVST #29 heads to two schools to cook dinner for the teachers while they host Parent-Teacher conferences. These teachers have a hard time getting out to eat and we even get to serve the families of some of our Brethren (they are teachers). Our goal is $400 and we have reached $80 as of 10/8/2018.

You can still use the Go Fund me to Donate as well! Click here if you prefer Go Fund Me!

Go Fund me <-click!

Rifle Raffle! Remington 700 6.5 Creedmor

Click here to buy tickets for the Remington 700 in 6.5 creedmor. We will only be selling 150 tickets and plan to raffle this off at the December 2018 Stated. If you donate in this manner you need to buy tickets in $20 increments. Each ticket is $20. If you donate $100 you will get 5 tickets. Jason Huber is responsible for getting you your tickets and numbers and managing the physical tickets (writing your name on them) in your behalf. (I will likely send you a photo of your tickets signed and placed and will retain the physical tickets myself for you. Each ticket is numbered. There is no chance of confusion).

2019 Dues!

2019 Dues have yet to be determined (we do not know the per capita yet).