Our Trestleboards

The Masonic trestle board is one of the oldest symbols of Freemasonry.  The trestle board is a blueprint of which the ancient fraternity was built upon. In the days of the stonemasons’ guild, a trestle board was a board, sometimes on an easel, where the plans for construction were laid for apprentice masons to follow. The trestle board remains a signature emblem of a man’s journey through life and Freemasonry.

In speculative Freemasonry, a man learns that he should erect his own spiritual temple by the rules and designs laid by the Supreme Architect of the Universe – figuratively creating one’s own spiritual trestle board. The trestle board today serves as a symbol of the divine plan of natural and moral law, a plan for construction of an ideological temple, in which the “materials” one needs can be found in the lessons of the craft.

In our modern context, the trestleboard is used by Lodge officers as a means to communicate with its members.