Traveling for Lodge of Instruction

Written by Brother Eddie Vela, FC

My experience as a Fellow Craft Mason at Chandler Lodge #15 on January 24, 2024, was a very memorable moment for me as this was the first lodge I visited after becoming an EA in the fall of 2023.  Upon entrance, signing in, and being properly vouched for by all my brothers, I was overwhelmed by excitement, but in addition, because of the amount of wisdom that each brother possessed by long experience rightfully earned within their years of dedication in the craft. But certainly not least, the Friendship and Brotherly love at the Lodge.  We had brothers who had been in the fraternity for years, many of whom occupied officer chairs at their respective Lodge of which they preside, such as Worshipful Master Scott, with whom I had the absolute pleasure of exchanging a few words with, coming a long distance from Prescott.  Also, we had the pleasure of being in the presence of Past Grand Master Greg Vazquez.  Needless to say, the night could not be any more exciting for a new mason such as myself wishing to learn more about the craft. 

The lodge commenced and proceeded as any other stated meeting would.  Regularly always sitting in the south, quietly and carefully listening to every word that is being said and observing likewise carefully.  Nothing new or out of the ordinary.  Those who know me are well aware that I am much more of a listener and observer.  Calculated.  Traits which have served me well and continue to do so.  I’m sure a brother would agree.  In my careful attention, what I observed to be most important, was the way the brothers aided each other in their masonic duties, and elevated each other for no other purpose, than to see their brethren succeed and become masters of their work or position they may occupy.  These were brothers who traveled from all over the valley, or further areas of the state, to give their time to the betterment of the Craft.  No doubt some meeting for the first time coalesced together for the purpose of refining each other in their craft to where they precisely needed to be.

Fraternity and comradery.  This was just one night.  One night in my long journey and infancy in Freemasonry.  One lesson which I learned before I became a Mason that I still hold to be one of the axioms of my life is this: The best way to serve God, or as we Masons call, The Supreme Architect of The Universe, is to serve creation itself, and man is that very creation.  I strive to honor that axiom in any act of service or way that I am so able to contribute.  I cannot help but to wait, with patience, to be there for a brother in need in the future, and to give a helping hand to those in need to fill their roles, the same way I witnessed my brothers on this night, as I sat, representing my home lodge of PVST #29 in the south.

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